Monday, March 4, 2013


I have been so busy organizing that I have not had any time to create.  I am so anxious to get back to creating.  I have learned some lessons during this process. 

  1. We don't have to have every new tool that comes out.  I have so many tools and gadgets that I have never used.  Mostly because "out of site out of mind".  My goal with this organizing round is to put those tools and gadgets where I can see them so I can use them.
  2. More is not better.  I have so much PAPER that I could not buy any for the next  5 years and I could scrap everyday and not run out.  So right now paper does not excite me at all.  The only paper I will be interested in, in the next two years is Graphic 45, because once that is gone you can't find it anymore.  I am so loving French Country.
  3. Use it...It USED to be so hard to use some of my scrap things.  I was afraid I would have a different or better picture to use it with. NO more.  If it works for that layout, I will use it, even if I only need one of the two sheets for the project.  NO MORE SAVING.
  4. Get Busy.  I love learning new techniques and have so loved learning the 3-D or 2-D projects of artists like Kathy Orta, Jim the Gentleman Crafter and Laura Denison.  And I will continue to do those projects. But I have had a bad habit of not putting pictures in the completed projects.  I will now put pictures in them.
  5. It is ok to have empty containers. I have emptied so many paper containers in this process, and have learned, they can stay empty.  For now, I will just put completed pages in them until I transfer the pages to albums, which i already need to do.  LOL
  6. Share...there are lots of people and organizations that could really use some of the stuff I have, that I am not using and have little plans on using.  I tend to already use a lot of it for my church and our library need to expand a little.  And maybe even sell a few items. 
  7. Simplify... Everything does not have to be so detailed.  I have always been such a detailed scrapbooker that pages tend to take me a little longer and have several raised elements.  It is ok to go simple.  Probably the best rule I have learned since doing the 2-D and 3-D projects.  Sometimes simple is best.
  8. Start Creating
  9. Start Scrapping
  10. Get Busy Now.

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