Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nutcracker Sweet Slider Mini Album

This Nutcracker Sweet Slider Album is the creation of Xannero1 on YouTube.  She has a pretty amazing tutorial.  She is an amazing artist.   I did many things as prescribed in her tutorial, and would do some things differently if I was to make another slider album.  Love the idea.  This album uses the thread binding system, not crazy about it.  I think I would like something a little more stable.  Love the slider and of course love the Graphic 45 paper.  This is the cover, lots of fussy cutting.  I basically used one sheet of every paper in the paper packs for the 8x8 and the 12x12.  That gives you a lot of paper left over for another project.  Probably used more of the tags and such, so I may have to get more pages of the tags.
The finished album measures 7 3/4" x 5 3/8"x 2".  There are only 3 slider pages, but that give you lots of room for pictures and journaling

Here is the spine and the closure.  Just a more fussy cutting to cut out the clock and I used  hinges and added ribbon to close.  The hinges on each corner of the album serves two purposes, to add support and also decorative.
This is the inside cover.  The curtains were fussy cut, and the green was added to make the pockets a little deeper since the curtain was not wide enough to completely cover the board.  The clock, tree, nutcracker, gingerbread boy and gifts were all fussy cut and added to create a border.

This is page one, and each slider page has a full size mat where the tabs are.    By the way, the nutcracker stands up and the mat can slide either behind it while flat or there is a slot for it to go in when it is standing.  I will have to use that trick more.
Isn't that cool. Makes for a very interactive book.  There is a magnet behind the nutcracker to help it stay in place.
Here is a picture of the slide out.  It holds a mat with a pocket.  The border also creates another pocket.
This is the backside of page one, while the slider is open.  The little girl is raised, but will lay flat when the book is closed.
This is the second slider page (while closed.)  I used some of the frames left over from the fussy cutting to create a frame on the page.  The title is also fussy cut from one of the papers.
This is after the above page is opened and the slider is pulled out.  The dancer on the left is raised and she has netting as part of her tutu.  The slider she is attached to helps to hold the mats in place.  On the right, the camera lens is actually removable so you can place a picture on it and on the space behind it.  The girl was fussy cut from the 8x8 stack.
This is the backside of the second slider.  the lady stands up.  This page opens to the left and then slides.
This is the backside of the page above when the slider is opened.
This is the third slider page.  The nutcrackers form a pocket and the entire pocket swings out to show the page behind it.  The snowflakes were from a sticker sheet (not G45).  The center nutcracker is a tag an is removable.
This is the fold out of the nutcracker slider page.   The dancer on the slider is raised and lays flat with the help of a magnet. 
This is the back of the third slider.  Simple frame and the bow and mouse fussy cut from the paper line.
This is the slider behind the third page.  It is pulled out and the post card is kept in with a magnet.
This is the inside back cover.  The grandfather clock is on the third slide out, not on the back cover.  Just to note, there is a mouse behind the door on the bottom of the grandfather clock.  The door is kept closed with a magnet.
This is the fold out on the back cover.  The fold out is a card and the open card is shown below.
This is the inside of the card with the pop up nutcracker and the fussy cut embellishments.
And finally, the back cover with the removable mat postcard.  I still have some work, but I would like to thank Xannero1 for making such a wonderful tutorial.


  1. This album is awesome, Sheila! How long did it take you to create this? Love it!

  2. It took about a week. There are some things i would do again. I love the slider function and the flip ups or pop ups. It was fun learning something new.