Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Did You Know?

Wow, can you believe it, two posts in one day.  

But.... Did you know, that Echo Park offers their papers in electronic format.  Today they have a sports themed set for just a dollar.   The website is:  they have some pretty impressive kits, papers, printables and also some cuttables, for those who have machines that still cut SVG files.  Make note that some are in 12 x 12 format and others are not.  And yes, it does make a difference.  Everything can not be stretched.  LOL.

Check it out.

I am Back

Sorry, I have not posted in a while.  I  have been super busy.  I have done some crafting and I just returned form Disney World.  What fun!!!. 

My crafting has consisted of lots of 3-D items, boxes and such with mini albums in them.  I plan on getting some pictures taken as soon as they are finished.  That is if I ever finish them.  Most of them are going to be gifts for some of my favorite scrapbooking buddies during our annual birthday get together.

Just to peak your curiosity, I will post some teaser pictures this week.  Be back soon.