Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am Back

Sorry, I have not posted in a while.  I  have been super busy.  I have done some crafting and I just returned form Disney World.  What fun!!!. 

My crafting has consisted of lots of 3-D items, boxes and such with mini albums in them.  I plan on getting some pictures taken as soon as they are finished.  That is if I ever finish them.  Most of them are going to be gifts for some of my favorite scrapbooking buddies during our annual birthday get together.

Just to peak your curiosity, I will post some teaser pictures this week.  Be back soon. 


  1. Hmmm...wonder if I'm on that gifting list:) I'm so happy to see you back in blog land. I thought you had forgotten about it:)

    1. LOL... you will have to wait and see. There is so much i want to do. Need to focus.