Monday, February 4, 2013

My Glue Stand

My hand made stand.  I have used it, and it is awesome.  Right now, because my table is a mess, I use it while it is sitting on top of its container, which is sitting on top of a drawer unit.  But my plan is to have it sitting directly on my scrap table when I am at home.  Hope you like it and are inspired to create someting that will work for you.

This is my take on a personal glue stand.  I wanted to be able to have my glue guns and adhesives that I use, just about everytime I sit down to create, readily available.  I hope you like it.  It is made from medium weight chipboard and the black base is foam core board.  I made it so it would sit on top of a plastic container where I could keep my other adhesives like scrappy tape/scor tape and such.  The container does also hold 12"x12" paper.
Although it is made to sit on the container, it also can be removed to sit directly on the table.  The foam core is in two layers.  The bottom layer is cut to fit the shape of the plastic container, so that it doesn't slip off when it is on top of it.  The top layer of the foam board is solid.  I should have used black foam core, but I used what I had available.
This is the conatiner I am using.  Hopefully you can tell that the top of the container is raised, and that is why it worked for this project.  It is actually  a set of 3 containers.  They graduate in size so that they stack on top of one another.  There is only one lid, as each container serves as a lid for the one underneath.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby (regular price $20/but of course I used a coupon)  I think they are by HOMZ
This is a side view.  It is not complete, because I want to decorate the refill containers that are currently covered by their lids.  I also want to make the lids some type of attachment so they stay on when being transported.  The round glue holders are empty toilet tissue rolls.  I did adhere strips of chipboard around the top and bottom of the rolls to make them a little more sturdy.  After painting them and adding the paper, they are really sturdy.  I put four spots for the round adhesive bottles, but there is room on the board to add more.  May use some of the empty space just to put things on with velcro.  The empty space in front of hot glue gun will have a square of anti stick stuff (for lack of the official term).  This will be so the dripping glue does not damage the board.
Here is a picture of the refill boxes with the lids removed.  Now I have the glue guns and their refills at easy access.  I don't have to get up to go to a drawer, and I will know when I am starting to run low.  Any extras I have that don't fit, will go in the plastic container that the board can sit on.
Another view of the board.  The boxes are all different sizes.  I tried to make them, so the refills fit, and I could keep several  in the boxes. As you can see the lids come all the way off.   The Scotch box hold about 8-10 refills, depending on whether you keep them in their original boxes.  The Glue glider Pro box hold 5 refills, and the box with the glue sticks holds a lot of glue sticks.  The nice thing about this stand and the plastic container it sits on, is that it holds all the adhesives I need to take to a weekend crop.
The stands for the adhesive guns are also made from chipboard.  They vary a little in size with the largest one being 5"x6".  They are about 1" in depth.  I used plain medium weight chipboard and paper hinges cut from Kraft paper.  Then the whole thing was painted black and then I decided to use some paper to cover some of the sides.  The butt end of the guns are either in slices of toilet tissue rolls or just spare strips of chipboard formed into a rectangle.


  1. This is a mega glue station! This is the biggest one I've seen and the best one. I'm so waiting on a class by you at one of our crops maybe *hint* LOL!

    1. Thanks again Kisha. Maybe the next time we are at Northpark. It was simple to put together and I don't mind sharing what I learned. See you soon.