Monday, March 4, 2013

My Organizing Update

I have been organizing my scrap space.  I have to clarify.  This used to be my sewing room but scrapbooking has taken over my life and my room.  Some of the big drawers still  have some sewing supplies. LOL.

Yes, I love zebra print.    I had thought about doing different color zebra prints but thought that would drive me crazy.  This is working for me so far.  I just took zebra print paper and cut it in strips and taped it inside the front of the containers.   It is only temporary and can easily be changed. The 12"x12" containers both on the counter and the ones in the drawer units are mostly specialty papers or page kits that I have created myself. Some of the containers are empty.  The 8 1/2" x 11" containers are just paper or embellishments.  I still need to label everything.  The little ziplock containers on the wire shelving are my flowers that are sorted by colors.  I got the ziplock containers a few years ago for about 20 or 30 for $1.00 with lids.  I just cut a piece of my zebra print paper and stick it in the front and put the flowers in and taped a flower designating the color to the outside.. 
I have had some ask about the big white drawer units, (some are still brown becaue I haven't finished painting them). I got those units from a motel that went out of business.  They were 3 drawer units that I reinforced and stacked and then made an extra set of drawers to go on top so that it would reach the line in my scrap room before the wall slants.  I got the drawer units for $10 a piece and purchased 6 of them.  I made the white stand that has the containers both on top and the bottom.  The bottom shelves actually pull out because I once stored my clip it ups in them.  I thought I was going to get rid of it, but since it has wheels and is easily rolled around, I think I will keep it for a little while longer.

Here is a better picture of the containers that have the flowers in them.  I had to put some of that shelf liner on the rack because some o the containers kept sliding off.

These are mostly my Tim Holtz dies.  I got the racks they are sitting on at a cost of 4 for $1.50.  I did not know what I would do with them, but they were metal and they were black and at lest than 40 cents a piece, I knew I would fnd a use for them.  That tells me I need to check thrift stores more often.  The are actually made to hold cassettes (for those that remember what a cassette tape is)

These are some racks I got when my favorite scrapbook store closed.  The paper rack holds 12"x12" stacks and the smaller rack hold embellishments, mostly Prima.

This is the right side of my table.  It has the glue stand I made at my right hand, and I used a container, I already had, to put some other tools that I like having readily available.
The right side of my room is not too bad.  I did not make any major changes to it at all.  I will post those pics at a later time.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Love it - you are getting there-- I am ready to craft! So glad to see some of the SK stuff being used , I love the die holders , yes I know cassette but I had some 8 tracks and big boom box back then!

  2. Lol. We are too close in age for you to have owned an 8 track. Lol. Yes those die holders were a steal.. They had some different ones but I liked the metal. I really miss SK especially on days like today.