Thursday, April 3, 2014

Desktop Storage

While in the process of clearing my table off I decided to create some type of table top storage.  This is what I came up with:
The storage unit is made up of individual boxes thar were then attached to each other.  I did stagger some so i could see what type of punch they were.  On those I sraggered I did attach a piece of chipboard on the back and sides to help it stand up and to add additional support.  I also wanted my Martha Stewart score board to be readily available.  I just added a bigger box to the back.
Here is how I created the boxes.
First I decided to figure out how big the box needed to be by measuring the tool.  I measured the width, the height, and the depth.  The height is based on how high up the tool you want the box to go .

I then cut my chipboard accordingly. In the case of this tool I cut my chipboard the following  size:
5"x5" - cut two for front and back.
1 1/2" x 5" - cut two for sides
1 1/2"x5" - cut one for bottom
I listed the bottom separately because it   is not always the same size as the sides.  I lined the pieces up  in the following orser.
I then used construction strips to attach them.   The strips are 1" wide and scored down the middle.  Then add score tape to each half but  do not cover score line.
See picture below with sides and bottom attached.
Then connect to form a box then attach bottom.

Please look at the tutorial for the tissue box to get some pointers on using construction strips to construct boxes.  
After box is constructed make sure the tool fits in the box before attaching it to other boxes.  

I made sure my tool fit in the box both ways.
I then added adhesive to the side I was connecting.
I then added it.

I then added paper and ta da...I am done.


  1. Man, you are good! I'm in the scrapbook/craft organization facebook group that you posted these in so I had to come visit your blog. I'm so very impressed! thanks for sharing your creations with the rest of us. I didn't even realize you had the scoreboard in the back until I was reading this....fab idea! I hate that things are always all over the place instead of right at hand when you need them.

    1. PS: I just started following your blog!

    2. Thank you PennyL. That Facebook group has motivated me also. When I am working my desktop becomes so cluttered that I end up working on my lap. :)