Friday, April 25, 2014

Basketball and Cheerleading Seniors

My children go to a fairly small school.  For those into sports, they are a 3A school.  I started taking quite a few pictures near the end of the basketball season with the hope of doing something special for the seniors.   The bad thing was I did not start working on the project until about a week before the basketball banquet. I had not printed any pictures nor had I sorted any of the pictures.  Well... crazy me, decided to jump in and see what I could get accomplished.  Because I know most of the seniors and a majority of them live in the same community that I lived in, I knew that if I did not get time to finish the project before the banquet, I woul be ok, because I could give it to them later.  Luckily, I was able to complete all of the books and even got a 12x12 album completed for the coach. 
For ease of assembly, I decided to use one of the projects from Kathy Orta's book, Interactive Scrapbooks.  I picked the flipped out project, mostly because I had already cut out many of the chipboard pieces needed to complete the projects.  We had 6 Varsity Boy players, 4 Varsity Girl players, and 2 Varsity Cheerleader.  I only had to do 11 books because one of the cheerleaders also played basketball.   I also did another book, based on Kathy's book, but done
in my own way, for a young man that headed the student cheer section.

Here is a picture of the 11 player books.
Here is the book for the Student Section Leader:
Here is a basic overview of the books for the young ladies.  I added a bit of glitter to theirs,  more on some than the others.  I tried to make each one a little unique. I purchased the paw print paper from Hobby Lobby, and I printed our school paper on  my wide format printer.  :

Here is a picture of one of my sons' book.  I tried not to make the young men's books too girly.  Inide is a cascade of photos.  So some got as many as 15 pictures in their books.  Most of the photos were of the individual player, but I also included some team photos from over the years.  Some of these guys have been playing basketball together since the 3rd grade.

I also made a book for the coach.  I made it a traditional 12x12 book. I forgot to take pictures of the pages before I put it them in the book, so I just snapped a few pictures of it at the event. here are first and last pages in the Coach's book.  Sorry for the glare:


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