Saturday, March 29, 2014


I have really been in the storage mode lately.  I thought I would share some of  my recent projects.  Please note, I have not really gotten into tutorials, as you can tell from my previous post.  The base of the idea for the following items was from a lady on YouTube named Ozegran.  If you search for her on YouTube you will find some of her tutorials.  I used her basic measurements for the stickles storage and then changed the measurement to make storage for my paint daubers, distress stains and alcohol inks.

The above stickles storage holds 96 stickles and it is full. I have since replaced the turntable with one that does not take up as much space.  I was motivated to do these storage items because of the concept of out of sight out of mind.  If I don't see the items, I don't think to use them.
Here are my other spinners, just resized to fit other embellishments.

I then went to a crop and using the same basic concept, I helped create marker storage for someone else. 
I gave it to them to decorate.  The box on the side will be used for incidentals, and I also made a taller box to go behind it to hold her rulers.  Like how it came out.  Thanks for looking.


  1. May I ask from where you purchased your spinners? I have never seen any for sale. Thank you Julie

    1. Britgirl58...I made the spinners from chipboard. I got the measurements for the stickles one from Ozegran on YouTube. I hope to post a written tutorial soon.