Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Have you seen the new chip decor at HL?  The new chipboard decorative letters and words that has taken up about a half of one of the scrapbook aisles.

Well, guess what!!!! There is a HL exclusive cartridge that goes with those letters and words.  I know many don;t like the chipboard letters because they can sometimes be difficult to cover, but Cricut and HL have gotten together and made decorating with chipboard so much easier.   I just got the cartridge and already have some of the chipboard, and will hopefully get to share some completed projects soon. 

Take a moment to check out the great variety of decorative chipboard and the new Cricut Cartridge.

Chip Decor Binder


  1. BY "HL" are you meaning Hobby Lobby? You went shopping yesterday?! *pouts* I've gotta check that cartridge out, you are making me explore my cricut more ^_^. Thanks

    1. Yes, Hobby Lobby. Can you believe it? Michael 's also has an exclusive cartridge. I guess it was only fair that Hobby Lobby get one too. LOL.